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Aunt/Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Test

Results in 5-10 days

  • 30 minutes
  • 700 US dollars

Cavehill Labs

Aunt/Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Testing offers a solution when the alleged father is unavailable for paternity testing. In such cases, testing the siblings of the suspected father can determine the paternity of the niece or nephew. While involving the mother is recommended for stronger genetic evidence, it's not mandatory. Although results may not be as robust as those from grandparentage tests, avuncular DNA testing remains a viable option when the alleged father's siblings are the only available relatives. This testing proves beneficial in various scenarios:  - Establishing biological relationships - Understanding medical history for health diagnoses - Securing social security benefits - Providing evidence for inheritance or insurance claims Both personal and legal testing options are available for Avuncular DNA Testing: Legal Avuncular DNA Test: Court-admissible results serve as legal proof of biological relationships. DNA samples are collected at approved locations, with professionals managing identification details and paperwork before sending samples for testing. Personal Avuncular DNA Test: For peace of mind, a personal test offers accurate DNA analysis with at-home sample collection. Simply rub the provided mouth swab on the inside of your cheek and send it back for analysis. Results are typically delivered within 5-10 business days, though they are not suitable for legal purposes. Nationwide Testing: Partnering with labs across the U.S. to facilitate testing for parties located in different cities or states. 

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