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Full Siblingship with Common Parent

Results in 4 days

  • 30 minutes
  • 500 US dollars

Cavehill Labs

2 alleged full siblings with common parent A sibling DNA test is conducted when the alleged father is deceased or unavailable for paternity testing, and potential siblings seek to determine if they share one or both parents. This test serves both legal and personal purposes. For personal assurance, DNA samples can be collected at home using our kits, while legal purposes require authorized sample collection. Beneficial situations for sibling DNA testing include establishing biological relationships, accessing medical history, obtaining social security benefits, proving inheritance claims, supporting immigration cases, and providing evidence for insurance claims. Two common types of sibling DNA testing are Full vs Half Sibling DNA Test and Half Sibling vs. Not Related DNA Test, each serving to determine specific familial relationships. Testing is available throughout the U.S. at partner laboratories for convenience. Interpreting sibling DNA test results relies on statistical analysis, presenting the probability of the relationship as a percentage. Results above 90% generally confirm the relationship, while percentages between 9% and 89% are inconclusive and may require additional testing. Percentages below 9% typically indicate a lack of support for the relationship.

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