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Immigration DNA

Results in 7 days

  • 30 minutes
  • 800 US dollars

Cavehill Labs

We offer government-required DNA tests, certified and endorsed by AABB accreditation. Our team of DNA testing specialists is here to assist you throughout the process. Immigration DNA testing, whether for paternity, maternity, or kinship, is crucial for establishing biological relationships in visa sponsorship for U.S. citizenship. It's a common requirement for immigration clearance, citizenship grants, and passport verification. Only results from an AABB-accredited laboratory are legally admissible for immigration purposes, recognized by authorities like USCIS and U.S. embassies worldwide. As an AABB-accredited affiliate, we ensure the best prices for accredited DNA testing, with the laboratory directly delivering results as per immigration testing requirements. The necessity for immigration DNA testing arises when initial evidence is deemed insufficient, prompting USCIS and embassies to request AABB-accredited testing. The immigration DNA testing procedure follows a straightforward AABB protocol: 1. Obtain paperwork from USCIS or relevant agency requesting DNA proof. 2. Contact us to initiate testing, providing participant details. 3. Submit USCIS paperwork to commence testing. 4. Schedule DNA collection for the petitioner at an approved location. 5. Maintain strict chain of custody during DNA sample collection. 6. Dispatch a DNA collection kit to the embassy/immigration office in the beneficiary's country. 7. Collect the beneficiary's DNA sample at the embassy with stringent custody protocols. 8. Return the beneficiary's DNA sample to us. 9. Analyze both DNA samples and deliver legally permissible results to immigration authorities and the petitioner. We are a trusted immigration DNA testing facility, serving Tennessee and nationwide with reliability and integrity.

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