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Results in 2 days

  • 30 minutes
  • 400 US dollars

Cavehill Labs

Results in 2 days Mother & child Maternity testing confirms if a woman is a child's biological mother. Like paternity tests, it compares the child's DNA with the alleged mothers to determine likelihood of inheritance. A 0% probability rules out maternity, while 99.9% or greater confirms it. Our process ensures fast, painless sample collection using a cotton swab, couriering it to an AABB-accredited lab for analysis. This testing serves various legal needs like child support, custody, immigration, birth certificates, and more. Situations benefiting from maternity DNA tests include immigration cases, surrogacy, suspected baby switches, adoption reunification, and international adoptions to prevent fraud. For personal curiosity or peace of mind, personal maternity tests are available, though not legally binding. Legal maternity tests, admissible in court, offer accuracy and privacy assurance through AABB-accredited labs, serving various legal purposes like child support, custody, immigration, and adoption.

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