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Motherless Paternity

Results in 2 days

  • 30 minutes
  • 500 US dollars

Cavehill Labs

Not sure if they're yours? We can test without the Mom. Alleged Father & Child We offer a wide array of accurate DNA testing options, ranging from personal to legal and unconventional tests, ensuring peace of mind for all. Each paternity testing situation is unique, and our experts assist you in selecting the most suitable test. We prioritize a seamless customer experience, delivering swift results with utmost confidentiality. Our legal DNA paternity tests are accepted as legal documents for various purposes such as child support, custody, immigration, and more. Using cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality controls, our AABB-accredited lab determines parentage accurately. Paternity DNA testing compares a child's DNA with that of an alleged father, with a probability of paternity exceeding 99.9% confirming biological paternity. Our DNA sample collection procedure is quick, easy, and painless, utilizing cotton swabs to gather cheek cells, swiftly couriering them to our lab for next-day analysis.

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