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Terms & Conditions

Access and Monitoring


By accessing The Cavehill Group website, you agree to its terms. The Cavehill Group may monitor your use for internal purposes or as required by regulations.

Information Usage


You can use the provided information for personal use only, not for publication or transmission to third parties without The Cavehill Group's consent. The Cavehill Group may alter or remove information at its discretion.


No Transfer of Rights


These terms don't transfer any rights to the information, and The Cavehill Group or its providers retain all rights.

No Warranties


The Cavehill Group provides the services "as is" and disclaims all warranties regarding accuracy, completeness, or performance. The Cavehill Group isn't obligated to update or maintain the data.

No Liability

The Cavehill Group isn't liable for any disruptions to the service or the accuracy of the information. It's not responsible for any damages arising from your use of the website.

Security Disclaimer


The Cavehill Group doesn't guarantee the security of the site or the confidentiality of information transmitted through it.

System Outages


The Cavehill Group isn't liable for any outages or slowdowns in the service due to technical issues.

Content Usage


The information provided isn't a solicitation or recommendation. The Cavehill Group advises consulting professionals before acting on the information.

User Content


Users can share content but must comply with rules, including accuracy, legality, and non-commercial use. The Cavehill Group may monitor and remove user content.

Acceptable Use


Users must use the website responsibly, following the provided guidelines.

DMCA Notice


The Cavehill Group follows DMCA procedures for copyright complaints.

External Links


The Cavehill Group isn't responsible for the content of third-party sites linked on its website.

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